When there was the first bar

Many believe that the first bar appeared at the time of the Wild West. Actually it not absolutely so. In the deep Middle Ages there were first prototypes of modern bars. It were taverns and taverns, here these institutions a little differently, than modern bars only looked.

Only two types of furniture were used in taverns. For rest the bench and a table sufficed to people. And benches were where is more popular than chairs as could be located on them more person.

Only in the 18th century everything cardinally exchanged, the beginning was necessary to changes in North America. Exactly there were first bar counters. What served as the reason for changes? And all the matter is that such subject allowed to divide space into two main zones – for visitors and the service personnel. The bar counter did work of the bartender comfortable, after all anybody didn't disturb him and visitors too were clearly. Besides, under a bar counter the weapon and days was stored. You shouldn't forget and about the speed of service and saving of time.

Soon after a rack started doing by wider, for convenience of visitors bar stools began to establish the about bar. This place became the center of meetings and acquaintances. Nowadays bar counters can be seen not only in a barrack, cafe and restaurants, but also on a big kitchen. The design and material for production also can be various.