Registration and development of the main subject for restaurant

Essentially important directions are outlined and according to them the designer develops the registration concept. At the first stage the owner of restaurant together with the designer develop the plan and do sketches.

Space zoning

Restaurant zoning also matters. It is necessary to have at the disposal of more than one hall. The main thing – to observe requirements of control authorities, dividing a hall for non-smoking and smoking visitors.

Interesting ideas

It is a question of place "highlight", its "card" which by all means each restaurant has. To create a unique interior, it is necessary to make correctly for the designer the specification.

Visual accents

What visual accents will be pertinent in a restaurant interior? This issue is resolved also together with designers designers. It can be interesting posters or banners, an aquarium or a scene, exotic animals or plants in a tub, interesting household items, etc.

Attention to fine details!

It is also necessary to add fine decorative details. Only thanks to them the shape of restaurant will take the finished form.